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Were you all not entertained?
Watching as I danced, and fell?
Now that I’m not the constrained,
The applause would no longer swell.

A gilded cage with pretty walls
With a two-way, stained looking glass,
Ample empty space and grand halls,
Where many gathered en masse.

We sang and danced with great passion,
For an uncaring curator.
A day’s work for a day’s ration,
lest we earn the title, traitor.

Yet, if we step outside the zoo,
Are pitied by our audience.
Not to hear a fond adieu.
We pay an unmeaning offense

If we leave we are replaced,
By the monsters that they believed
Our souls and actions were based,
Despite the freedom achieved.

We can still feel the phantom chains
Wrapped tightly around our soft hearts.
From childhood we’re given such pains
Assuming we’re all counterparts

Will we always be animals
To the zookeepers who watch us
With our blood on their mandibles
The ones who called us traitorous

If I left the zoo would you still
Be entertained by song and dance
Would you allow for no ill will?
For it’s time I will take a chance

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