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My brain is so full of thoughts and worries.
The daily struggle to create and relate.
Avoiding flames from the endless furies.
Too easy to fall in bottomless hate.

I’m very tired.
My back can’t handle all of this weight.
I’m so damn tired.
Way too much left for me to abdicate.

I’d scream, but my voice has grown so hoarse.
Would anyone listen to me, anyway?
My words would mean little to those on course.
A blip so small to cause nary a sway.

I’m very tired.
I cannot make a sound, my throat screamed raw.
I’m so damn tired.
Others too complacent to hear the flaw.

I’d cry, but there are no more tears left.
I’ve wept for the futures that are lost.
So much was lost, and so many bereft
Can’t go back, many lines have been crossed.

I’m very tired.
I’m dry, so empty and desolate
I’m so damn tired.
Many losses causing no one to deviate.

We, the pained and used, can’t make you care.
We’ve carried the weight for too damn long.
We scream and swear, yet you just stand and stare.
No care for us who sing this mournful song

We’re very tired.
Those of us who love our fellow human.
We’re so damn tired.
Because you traded your heart for acumen.

Written by

A biracial writer, podcaster, and family man.

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