It Hurts to Hope

Miguel Covarrubias
2 min readFeb 6, 2021

It hurts to hope
A muscle atrophied
Looking to cope,
Methods we alchemied

Our cobbled reason
Mistaken awaken
Cardiac treason
Perception forsaken

Welcomed devils
Make for hidden angels
Darkness revels
Black holes pull all angles

New dawn brightens the horizon
The deals made in the dark reshaped who we once were
A new world the sun will rise in
Struggle to make peace with what became our succor

Moving forward after trauma
Takes step after painful step to embrace our dark
Find lost light to cast our drama
We need both dark and light as we set to embark

Letting go of what was toxic
Recycling all of our wasted and broken hearts
Some pieces have been hypoxic
When ever-present darkness finally departs

It hurts to hope, but it requires balance
Shattered dreams can become our new mosaic
Our new position has brought new talents
Our prosaic dreams are all now so archaic

Our scars can now form Papel Picado
Our wounds bound in golden tied kintsugi
Discordant notes become obbligato
Our broken pieces recreated newly

It hurts to hope, but it is our duty
To gather what was and make what can be
Creating a new world full of beauty
A new world for this dawn rising to see