Reembracing Hope


How long have I stumbled in the dark?
Did I lose you or did you lose me?
I discovered how to disembark.
Don’t remember what I came to see.

Suddenly, a small glimmer of light.
My dimmed eyes telling me sophistry.
How can the way be something so slight,
When darkness became our history?

Regardless, I set my way forward.
Bright, growing from pinprick to sunlight.
Misbelieving it is straightforward.
So long I had been stuck at midnight.

I can see, the beauty I possess,
Was completely lost back in the dark.
My instinct was to fully repress,
Any happiness that it may spark.

That thing with feathers was oh so feared.
My soul battered and bruised from each perch.
Sirens leading to heartbreak unheard.
Praying to stop lest be left in the lurch.

Dare I re-embrace what I once dreaded?
Can we face storms that may again rage?
Can I, not knowing where we’re headed,
Come to terms with what was, turn the page?

Hope, brightening my soul, asks my trust.
Mending my heart, beckons me to flight.
Looking at what I have, eyes adjust,
I have all I needed to ignite.

My mended wings stretch and test the air.
Feathers given to me know the way.
I feel weightless and without a care.
Not worried about what I display.

I have decided to re-embrace hope.
I have left the darkness behind me.
Heartbreak, no longer how I will cope.
There is no telling what I may see.