The Lost Letters: Episode 6

Miguel Covarrubias
7 min readDec 11, 2020

The Lost Letters: Episode 6 Space and Time: Letter 4, A Report from Orenda High Council, A Report from Irfan Time Keeper Prime

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There is a space within the void between universes where all lost things can be found. There we find “The Lost Letters”.

Space and Time: Letter 4

Dear Friends and Family,

I really am sorry for having to write this letter, and for what I’m about to do. I honestly feel like I have no other choice. Everything was my idea. I am the one who gave Aster the tablet. I was just so captivated by this idea of us working together. I also…

I also have feelings for her. That is why I cannot let her take the blame and punishment for having that tablet. I think I’ve discovered a way for us to be together and not have to worry about the Timekeepers or the Orenda Council. Regardless if it works or not, I doubt I’ll ever see any of you again. I don’t take this lightly.

Mom, please don’t take this personally. It isn’t anything you’ve done or haven’t done. It’s because of you that I learned the necessity to be honorable and noble despite my lot in life. I cannot let an innocent person take the blame for me wanting to share something special to me. Even if I think it’s a silly law it is still their law. I do realize that I am planning on breaking even more of their and our own laws, but this is the only way I can think of for everyone to walk away safely.

James, don’t let the codes tell you who you are. You are unique and better than the Keeper leaders. I think you can even be the prime timekeeper one day. When you are, remember your brother. Remember the Federation and what it meant to both of us. I hope that you would one day lead the Irfan into a more open relationship with the Orenda and the normies. Maybe one day we can even explore the stars together.

Jonno, man yes, it’s the lemon bar girl. Guess you were right all along; she was going to be trouble for me. You really need to stop taking life so seriously. Also, thanks for lending me your watch that day in the Market. I don’t think I’ll be giving it back. Besides you have that other one. Oh hey, you were right about one other thing. There’s a vibration difference, it’s almost infinite though. You need the right combination AND a way to travel. Hope that helps.

I love you all very much. There are so many people that I know I will be hurting by leaving but let them know that I’m doing this for the right reasons. If I can find a way to get word to you, I will. That’s supposing that this works. I’m going to miss all of you. Also, if you could hold off on telling Prime Steinem for as long as possible, that would help me a lot! I mean, I’m guessing she’s going to find out rather quickly anyway, but I don’t want her to think that you all had anything to do with what I’m about to do.

Anyway, thank you all for everything! I love you! I’ll miss you.

With so much Love,


A Report from Orenda High Council to the Irfan Timekeepers:

To whom it may concern:

It has come to our attention that one of your own has breached our truce that we have held these many years. An Irfan has given one of our impressionable youths a technological device she has called a tablet. Not only is it forbidden, as you well know, for your technology to leave your boundaries. It is doubly so for it to find its way within our boundaries. That is very much a part of the agreement of 1633 CE. This infraction being as bad as it was and the fourth infraction on this clause including the instances of when technology has found its way into the common population. We have concluded that your people must pay for this.

The youth in question, Aster of house Oren, is a member of one of our most prominent houses. They are the watchers of the worlds. Just yesterday, it was reported to us that the worlds are no longer able to be viewed through our spell work. The youth has also gone missing as of yesterday. We were in the midst of investigating this infraction and determining a proper punishment for her and whomever it was that committed this egregious act. Her very sister reported that a young man may have been to blame for both Aster’s disappearance and the very act of supplying the technology.

From our new connections to the many worlds, we are seeing some anomalies that may have been caused by this young man. There have been disruptions in timelines which, as you well know, is within your very purview. As we worked out in the agreement of 1633 CE we were to watch the many worlds and you were to watch the timelines of those many worlds to prevent such anomalies with space and time. There have been no such space anomalies to my knowledge.

There has been a variation of my own self that has been displaced in time. He was torn from his beloved and his time and forced to endure such travesties such as the timeline where that one con man has achieved power and allowed a pandemic to rage. This I find to be completely unacceptable and something that you all surely could have prevented.

This disruption has caused the timelines to skew on multiple worlds. Although this is certainly the fault of Irfan we will graciously allow you to work with house Oren in order to alleviate these timeline disruptions on other worlds. House Oren is highly invested in investigating and pursuing these transient youths for obvious reasons. We hope that together you and house Oren can apprehend those responsible for these disruptions and prevent any future unpleasantness.

I do not wish to sully our hands too long with your problems, however. Please do respond post haste. We do so despise the lax approach to time that has become all too commonplace among your people. I await your immediate response.


Harold L. Baker, High Chair of Orenda High Council

Report from the Irfan Timekeepers to the Orenda High Council

To the Orenda High Council,

Harry, come off it! You and I both know you are nothing more than a pompous windbag. You damn well know that there are just as many space anomalies as there are time. This isn’t just on the Irfan, it’s on you all too. Of course, we are going to be working with house Oren to pursue Horacio Franklin and Aster Oren. Horacio left a letter to his family that gives clues to how they were able to jump out of our world and timeline. I assume that Miss Oren had just as much input and thought in pulling together the technology and spellcasting needed to make the breach.

Your biases aside, this is a problem we both need to work together on. The Orenda has been responsible for just as many infractions against the ‘sacred’ agreement. These kids are just that, kids. They are acting out of care for each other. Something that we adults can certainly learn from them. For all we know, their breach may not have caused the anomalies. It could have been my own fault, or rather the me from Universe 432 timeline A. She and Horacio’s Mother’s variant had been working on their own breach machine for years. Her first successful attempt at breaching the universe barrier, WITHOUT the use of magic mind you, was a few weeks ago.

We were able to access the cloud data from the offending tablet and the code that Aster wrote, while rough around the edges, is elegant. Horacio and Aster have done something together in a short few months that neither the Irfan nor the Orenda has been able to achieve apart. We need to work together, unless we do I will be unable to understand the spell casting aspect of this code. With House Oren, I’m positive we can not only re-use this code to breach the universe barrier, but also to refine it. They were able to achieve this feat without the violent returns that magic alone has caused. They were also able to create a new technology that would normally take years of scientific research in a short amount of time.

If at all possible, I would like to re-examine our agreement and hopefully come to a new understanding where we may work together rather than against each other. I know that very few Timekeepers would be happy with a new arrangement, but through Horacio and Aster’s example, we may be able to learn to work together. We may learn to not only co-exist but also to tolerate, or even cooperate.

Please let house Oren know that I’m awaiting their delegation. I will personally be seeing to this project. We will need to train a combined force to investigate the anomalies and to find the children. Please also remember that they are children. Children make mistakes. While this is a pretty major mistake, it does not deserve punishment as you so eloquently put it. I, again, am hoping that this mistake leads to a breakthrough between our two peoples. I’m more than willing to extend an olive branch to the Orenda, I know you may be more hesitant, but I hope that we can come to an understanding. Harry, we’ve known each other for a while now. We may not like each other, but I think it’s time we put that aside. Give my best to Isabelle.


Elisabeth Steinem, Timekeeper Prime of the Irfan


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